Home to the upcoming Made in America Festival taking place September 1 and 2 in Philadelphia, Jay-Z wants us to believe that the city's Ben Franklin Parkway is that one special place in the world where "like-minded people gather together" in celebration of a common good. And those people would be? Artists, dancers, welders, finger painters, and a bunch of hat-wearing youths who all enjoy running through fields and crowded parking lots, toasting their shared musical passion with ice cold beers.

Hov's bold statements about recruiting a diverse audience for his inaugural fest, by way of jungle analogies, serve to offset the strong corporate sponsorship feel of the ad, which won't let you forget that this whole thing is being put on by a beer company that doesn't necessary manufacture all of its products in continental U.S. His familiar voice allows us to forget the business end of it all, and close our eyes and envision a magical backyard barbecue where Beyoncé is discussing the role of the modern woman and Frank Ocean is flipping burgers on the girl—a momentary break from staring at the constant stream of Budweiser merchandise within. Are we really supposed to believe all in attendance will drink Bud heavy?

With a lineup that boasts Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Passion Pit, Maybach Music, and more to be announced, all's well and good with getting the people hyped up; tag lines like "great times are waiting" should encourage those who've yet to purchase a ticket to to whip out their plastic.

But we really hope these passing shots of Jay-Z taking the stage in front of a damp crowd don't jinx the upcoming Labor Day forecast. Our hair doesn't deal well with the rain. Watch below.