Jay-Z may only be a minority owner of the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets, but he ain't no damn silent partner, that's for sure. Aside from recently revealing the new team's name (we still wish he'd gone with Brooklyn's Finest) and announcing his plans to play at the new Barclays Center next September, Hov is also apparently in the works to help with the team's first post-move logo. Nets officials apparently told the NY Post yesterday that the Roc-a-Wear co-founder will be working with the team and the Adidas clothing line to design the new team's uniforms for their first year on the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush.

It seems only fair that Jigga, one of the most prominent Brooklyn-reppers of the 21st century, should be consulted in this process. And if the rapper's previous album covers and music videos are to be seen as any precedent, here's five things we expect the uniforms to in some way involve:

1. Silhouettes

2. Billowy cigar smoke

3. Luxury automobiles

4. Black-and-white imagery

5. The Roc "diamond" hand gesture

Should be pretty cool. Or, it might just look like this, as composed by Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones:

Either works for us. Just about anything is superior to the New Jersey-era Nets garish color schemes and uninspiring design, anyway.

For lots more pics, videos and up-to-the-second dish on Jay-Z, be sure to check out his Popdust Artist Page

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