Amanda Seyfried, your future Cosette in the upcoming Les Miserables film, stopped by Conan to promote her current project, Gone. Like most conversations go, talk quickly moved towards Justin Timberlake—or "Ju" if you're as close as Conan is—with whom Seyfried has starred in two films. At 26-years-old she is the prime age to be a retired (but ready to go again if and when the band decides to reunite) 'N Sync fan. So was it awkward when she had to make chit chat on set given that she had posters of a bleached JT plastered all over her teenage bedroom? Not at all! She didn't even like him that much. "He wasn't my favorite. I didn't even find him attractive, in fact," Seyfried told Coco and Andy Richter, before opening the age old blondes vs. brunettes debate and revealing her devotion to J.C. Chasez. "Where's J.C.? No, I don't know, I haven't seen the guy in years," she explained. "When I came to Hollywood you better believe I saw him around." Eh, interpret that as you will.

Finally, someone who is immune to JT's multipurpose powers of persuasion. Watch below.