Jeff Goldblum Sings Lyrics To Jurassic Park Score, Is So Awesome

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Jeff Goldblum has a reputation for being dry-humored and irreverent, but this time he might have outdone even himself.

The actor appeared on Late Night with Seth Myers last night and proceeded to sing lyrics to the Jurassic Park score, before leading the audience in a sing-along. And it was AWESOME.

Jeff admitted he wasn't the one who wrote the lyrics, and it turns out he has actually performed them before with his band the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

Best band name ever, no?

It's kind of awesome that for all the work Jeff has done over the years, to a certain generation he will forever be that hilariously sarcastic guy from Jurassic Park who always gets it right (even if he doesn't get the girl).

Watch the video and sing along!

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