Tonight the American Idol judges were so consumed with filling out this season's finalist pool they couldn't select their wild card picks by the time the show's final commercial break had ended. Luckily for them—but mostly for Jennifer Lopez—the show had a video premiere to attend to! Here's the clip for Lopez's successful attempt at rekindling her musical career, the Pitbull-assisted "On The Floor":

The plot of the clip is pretty thin, with the three faces of Jennifer—steely-eyed VIP diva, woman dressed up as Britney Spears in "Toxic" via Spiderwoman, and old-school Fly Girl—shaking themselves to the music while ensconsed in separate areas of one of those clubs that only seems to exist in music videos. (You know the type: beautiful people are everywhere, yet their inane conversations are completely inaudible.) There was a vote to see which ending of three would win out a la Clue, although the clip's relative lack of a plot means that the different endings mostly involved different dance moves. If only there had been one ending where this Eurohouse-by-numbers stomp magically acquired a bridge—then we'd be talking!