It seems like we may never know precisely what went down at Jennifer Lopez's concert at Mohegan Sun over the weekend, with witness accounts of the event differing, and little helpful video footage of the evening available, but certainly at some point, J. Lo broke down in tears. Many speculated that the crying was brought about by a performance of ballad "Until it Beats No More" (or was it actually "One Love"?) which featured dancers dressing up as a number of men from J. Lo's past, including Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. But no, says Lopez's reps—it wasn't her "trip down memory lane" that did it, it was the picture of her with her kids (in a Gucci ad) on the Jumbo-tron that "pushed her over the edge." C'mon, Jen—the ad's not that cheesy.

Not everyone appears to believe Ms. Lopez's accounting of events, as the good people of Bossip dub her "cry baby" and respond to her explanation with a hearty "yeah friggin right!!" We don't presume to have any insight into J. Lo's mental state that night, so all we can say is wow, this whole thing is weird and we kind of wish we were there in Connecticut this weekend to witness all this in person.

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