Jennifer Lopez is overcome by feelings, mostly sexual. She expresses this by letting Pitbull drink vodka, diving into a sea of bodies, shimmering or staring blankly at the camera. (The nice thing about these last sections is that Jennifer's doing essentially nothing, you can play any song over this and still have things make perfect sense. (I know this because I'm doing it, have done it twice, with Nina Sky's "Day Dreaming" and Alexandra Burke's "Elephant.")

Oh, and she's supposedly seeing the guy in the video who isn't Pitbull, which is probably for the best. If you're going to be bronzed or bedazzled or pun-blindfolded (no, seriously, the thing says "love is blind") or thrown into a room of product placement, might as well know who you're doing it with.

That was your daily music video life lesson. Your daily video is below.