Jennifer Lopez's New Single: For Real This Time

Yesterday a version of Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" leaked online, but as it turns out, the shapeless, moany track wasn't in its final version; the mix that'll be pushed hard to radio stations around the country premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning. Don't worry, though—the callback to Kaoma's "Lambada" is still intact!

While this version of the RedOne-produced song has a bit more oomph—and singing by Lopez—than its predecessor, it's still pretty Europop-by-numbers, with little to distinguish it from other cavernous dance-pop mainstays than the Lopez brand (which Pitbull helpfully reminds the listening public of by giving a shoutout to her much-discussed badonkadonk) and Lopez briefly rapping at the track's outset. A whole track of that might be worthy of at least curiosity from listeners, but whether a song that has just a little bit of Lopez spitting will be enough to get the attention of restless pop fans, who gave both "Fresh Out The Oven" and "Louboutins" a pass the last time she attempted to revive her recording career, is very iffy.


2 1/2 BOLTS

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