Two surprises here: that the Adele cover featured on Billboard today is "Rumour Has It" and not "Rolling in the Deep, which at this point might as well be renamed Rolling in the Deeply Overdone, and that the artist to take on this rock endeavor is the guy best known for "Birthday Sex." OK, maybe that one's not so surprising--his voice is more up to belting than a lot of his R&B peers, and he's a fan anyway:

"I think she's one of the hottest new breakthrough artists... I love her sound of music. It kind of gives me the old Motown sound of music that I grew up listening to."

That spoils that surprise, especially since Jeremih takes so well to Adele! Luckily, there's a substitute surprise. But for us to spoil the song that pops in around the four-minute mark would be too cold. Not to put you under pressure to recognize it. Ahem.