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Jeremy Clarkson Blows Up an SUV with a Tank in New Trailer for The Grand Tour

Fast cars, foreign crowds, and that bone-dry British sense of humor.

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After a heavily publicized falling out between the presenting staff on BBC's Top Gear program and the network executives, Jeremy Clarkson and friends will return to Amazon Prime this November with more badassery than ever on The Grand Tour.

Despite the emotional end to their lengthy, successful run on the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson and other holdovers from the crew of Top Gear seem to be more at home than ever in the official trailer for the new Amazon series. Featuring fast cars, foreign crowds, and that bone-dry British sense of humor, the trailer is packed with all the best qualities of the program's spiritual predecessor.

The new show seems to have taken on a more global angle than the original, featuring many more locations and quite frankly, much higher production values. One of the best parts of British television for foreign fans is the casual nature of production that allows for more end-to-end artistic control (see Sherlock and Luther). However, with a show like Top Gear or The Grand Tour, that's all about riding hot cars and blowing sh*t up, a major studio mega-budget might be everything they needed to take it to the next level.

Check out the official trailer for The Grand Tour, airing November 18th on Amazon Prime, below:

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