First things first: "Jessie J, 'Laserlight' ft. David Guetta" is just the perfect track title and feature credits, right? Of course David Guetta and Jessie J were going to have a song together, and of course a Guetta song was eventually going to be called "Laserlight." Bask. Bask in the inevitability.

The title's even more fitting when you watch the video, which contains both lasers and lights. It contains club scenes, too, which fits the "ft. David Guetta" part. The video doesn't feature Guetta, but presumably he is there in spirit. To make up for it, we've got about 4 Jessie J characters, one of whom might be wearing Nelly Furtado's hoops and one of whom who might be wearing Bowser's shell as a jacket.

(Oh, also? The Blame Guetta Principle is at work here too. You'll know it when you see it for about five seconds.)