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Jessiquoi Struts Her Talent on 'The Addict'

Photo Credit: Tatjana Arueegsegger

New wave world hip-hop from Switzerland.

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She grew up in Australia, is famous in Switzerland, and is inspired by both rap and anime.

Meet Jessiquoi, who fuses elements of pop, Asian folk, Teutonic electro, and bhangra into a sound all her own, as in totally sui generis. Singer, songwriter, dancer, and producer, Jessiquoi wears a variety of hats and all fit just right.

Based in Bern, Switzerland, where she's referred to as "the girl with the wagon" because of her eccentric handmade wooden equipment wagon, Jessiquoi combines flashy neon make-up with flamboyant outfits. But it's her groundbreaking sound that has mesmerized vast crowds at the Dachstock, Gurten, and Zurich Openair. Her sound, for lack of a fitting genre, is best described as new-wave-industrial-bubble-gum-hip-hop.

The Addict - Jessiquoi (Official Video)

"The Addict" opens on a pop-flavored dance groove fused with hip-hop. Anime-like rapping gives the tune a rapid-fire flow. The syncopated rhythm merges Latin and African beats into a pulsating, infectious sequence.

Jessiquoi's voice provides reedy melodic tones altering to high-pitched timbres. It's subtle and hypnotic, and wonderfully effective.

The video, like something from The Matrix and 12 Monkeys, places Jessiquoi in a far-out dystopian society, where Mad Max-like scavengers salvage and adapt old technology to new functions. As one of the scavengers, Jessiquoi recycles outmoded electronics and music into futuristic innovations.

"The Addict" is addictive for two reasons: the knotted rapping tones, and the mediating gravitational tug of the beat.

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