Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Was Taking Scientology Classes Prior To Suicide

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Jim Carrey’s on-off girlfriend, Cathriona White, was taking Scientology classes at the Hollywood Celebrity Center just months prior to her death by suicide.

As Popdust previously reported, the make-up artist took her own life Monday, five days after she split with Carrey, she is purported to have left a note referencing their break-up.

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Journalist Tony Ortega, a longtime Scientology detractor, claims on his website The Underground Bunker, that White had been involved in Scientology for around four to five years, after being introduced to the “religion” by friends of the singer, Beck.

According to Ortega, White had completed a Scientology Purification Rundown course late last year—that’s the highly controversial program that entails sweating in a sauna for hours and hours on end, drinking a daily mixture of vegetable oils, and consuming shit loads of niacin—a vitamin that failed science fiction writer-turned-Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard claimed alleviated and prevented radiation sickness if taken in large enough doses.

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Scientology shills allege that there’s both physical and mental benefits to undergoing the PRD—a claim that’s been debunked by respected and renown professionals, including University of Oklahoma biochemistry professor Bruce Roe, who describes the program as "a scam" based on "half-truths and pseudo-science" —and toxicology expert, Dr. Ronald E. Gots, who calls the regimen "quackery", and notes that "no recognized body of toxicologists, no department of occupational medicine, nor any governmental agencies endorse or recommend such treatment."

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After finishing the PRD, White had continued to work on her “objectives” by enrolling in a Survival Rundown course, but had paused the program in the months leading up to her death.

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For those who remain blissfully unaware of the inner workings of Scientology, the new leader, David Miscavige, dreamed up the lengthy (and hugely expensive, of course) SRD a while back, and it is now given the hard sell by big wigs in the organization, who insist undergoing the program is a prime requisite of Scientologists, both new and old.

Paul Thomas Anderson offered some insight into the wonderful world of “objective processing” during The Master, his 2012 movie about a charismatic cult leader (sound familiar?!!)

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Remember that scene where Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character instructs Joaquin Phoenix’s to move back and forth and back and forth between a wall and a window for hours and hours and hours on end? Well, that’s basically the core of SRD objective processing.

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Ortega wrote about the dangers of SRD in a previous post on his site during which he interviewed former Sea Org staff member Chris Shelton.

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Shelton, who left Scientology in 2014, after twenty years, talked about the potential hazards of students being forced to undergo hundreds and hundreds of hours—and shell out thousands and thousands of dollars—before being permitted to end the course:

If Objectives are run beyond that, you can end up with people going into semi-hypnotic trances and all sorts of other nonsense which I think is psychologically damaging. So what you have here is Miscavige altering the technology to ensure it is done in the worst possible way to the worst possible result on every single person. He is making sure that almost everyone who runs these Objective Processes are going to be on them for hundreds and hundreds of hours and that they are very likely going to be a bit insane when they are done with them.

Ortega also has a first hand account of the dangers from an unnamed Scientologist, who claimed to be undergoing SRD at the time.

I personally have felt crazy, insane, not sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night crying, waking up in the middle of the night enraged slamming and punching my pillows. This is NOT normal behavior for me. I’ve been unable to focus or think at work for days in a row. This is not normal for me.


Meanwhile, Cathriona White's family—who had no idea about her involvement with Scientology, are currently in Los Angeles, making arrangements to fly her body back home to Ireland.

If you, or anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit their website

80% of people that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully, and almost all patients gain some relief from their symptoms.

To read more facts about suicide and depression, along with resources and contacts to help you get help if you, or somebody you knows, is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, check out this post.


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