Jimmy Fallon and Eddie Vedder Sing About "Balls in Your Mouth"

Apparently, recent tropical storming in the south has resulted in a number of the tar balls from the BP oil spill last year to wash back up on the Gulf Coast. And because like any late-night TV host worth his necktie, Jimmy Fallon can't see the word "balls" used prominently in a news headline without making a bad joke about it, he wrote a song about the news flash: "Balls in Your Mouth." (As in "Balls in your mouth, balls in your mouth / Don't swim in the ocean, you'll get balls in your mouth.")

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder just happened to be in the building, so joined in for a couple rounds of the song's rousing chorus as well. Vedder was around to promote famed director Cameron Crowe's upcoming documentary about the band, Pearl Jam Twenty, and the group also performed a new song, the decent nonsense-rock jam "Olé," now available free for download online. Check out both performances below:


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