Well, Neil Young has been the topical sort of late, recording songs about 9/11, George W. Bush and other contemporary news topics as the situation dictated. It's unclear whether or not he would've deigned to cover Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" in the wake of it being deemed the official song of the Osama Bin Laden slaying—even Neil's kids would probably be a decade or two too old for Miley at this point—but Jimmy Fallon has made the executive decision for him, covering the song on last night's Late Night in his traditional flannel-and-stetson ensemble. What's more, he enlisted former real-Neil collaborators Graham Nash and David Crosby to assist him on the gorgeous three-part harmonies, giving unusual resonance to the lyrics "All I see are stilettos / I guess I never got the memo."

After this and last year's Springsteen-backed "Whip My Hair," I don't think there's anywhere left to go with this (admittedly great) performance gimmick short of actually getting the Canadian up there with him for some classic Mano a Fake-Mano dueling. Make it happen, NBC.