Those who were confident Jay-Z would make good on his "Hello Brooklyn" promise ("If we had a daughter, guess what Ima call her? Brooklyn Carter") clearly misjudged Beyoncé's power of persuasion. Despite the candor associated with much of their recent works, Mrs. Carter obviously put her foot down during the family's naming brainstorm sessions, opting for the more mysterious Blue Ivy. But how did Jay's idea of recording in the delivery room go over on Saturday night? ("Nah, B. That's not going to work. Let's try that again.") Beyoncé gives us some insight, while teaching her daughter how to be an empowered woman at an early age, as she lends herself to Jay's newest track "Glory," making this an official family affair. Or at least that's how Jimmy Kimmel has imagined things. Continuing his own string of high-profile musical consulting gigs, Kimmel revealed an updated version of "Glory" on his show Tuesday night. The result includes the most surprising words you've heard from Bey since "sucks to be you" and some pretty gross mental images. Watch below.