Lady Gaga is her own continuity game. First came that Vogue photo shoot with a decidedly dudely model named Jo Calderone, also apparently named Stefani Germanotta at one point; as New York Magazine put it, "only Lady Gaga would create an alter ego that she could have implied sex with." (Which isn't actually true--Tori Amos said something like this years before in a teen magazine, even--but hey.)

At any rate, the model/doppelganger has resurfaced for the "You and I" cover art. Is this supposed to be a drag version of Luc Carl? Was that how it was intended all along? Lady Gaga's tweeted platitude certainly isn't going to tell you. Speaking of which, the "You and I" video drop in her 1,000th tweet, in something that there's no way was planned in advance and that nobody would've cared about if she hadn't mentioned. Social media workings belong behind the scenes!

See the cover here.