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Joe Jonas Attended Two Taylor Swift Concerts This Week

Joe Jonas was spotted at Taylor Swift's concert in L.A. Thursday night, the second Speak Now show he's taken in this week, after heading over the Staples Center following the VMAs on Sunday. Jonas has said he doesn't write songs based on his life experiences the same way his famous ex is known to do, but there are many other reasons as to why Swift's one-time boyfriend was in attendance. Because his solo career is on the verge of fully taking off, maybe he was seeking a little live inspiration? Nobody handles a wardrobe malfunction quite like Taylor. Jonas could have also been curious to see if her L.A. cover songs fluctuated from night to night, or simply wanted to stage an awkward reunion—it wouldn't be the first one he's had this week. Luckily, you have an extra day to your weekend with which to figure this out. Use it wisely; start theorizing now.


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