Joe Jonas is not welcome in Brooklyn, or so The Daily News would like us to believe. Looking to branch out with more mature solo material, Jonas took the stage at the PAPER magazine event at House of Vans last week, toting with him new single "See No More." Admittedly, the concert's double bill of the middle JoBro and Swizz Beatz seemed odd to us, and apparently did not go over well with the "hipsters" in attendance. (But, but! "See No More" was written by Chris Brown, so let's give Joe a little more credit. At least he stopped straightening his hair?) According to the paper's Gatecrasher column, Jonas was heckled by the "hostile Williamsburg crowd" (technically it's Greenpoint) who pelted him with nerf footballs and rudely ignored his choreography, tortured stares and newly toned arm muscles. (Instead of choosing to look beyond the hate, perhaps mouthing off on the mic à la new friend Brown would have won them over?) Poor, Joe. He even looked the part, matching the night's "hardcore" wardrobe of choice, which they describe as "frayed jeans, acid-washed tanks, jean vests and oversize eyeglass frames." While the column is looking to stir up some unfounded Jonas hate in our fair city—and play on stereotypes that at this point feel extremely tired—a PAPER staffer begs to differ, saying "rabid fans lined up around the block hours before the performance and were screaming throughout." Strangely enough, teenage girls have not been banned from Brooklyn...yet. And even if there were some boos or stray footballs thrown his way, it's because, duh, everyone knows hipsters are notoriously loyal to Taylor Swift.

Watch Joe's performance below, and take note of every sign of distress and/or fear that comes across his pretty little face.