Proving that you don't lose your street credit once you're off the turnpike, New Jersey native Joe Jonas did his best impression of The Situation on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday. The two reenacted a dramatic Jersey Shore scene between Mike and Snooki, complete with each cast member's iconic accessory: impressive abs and big hair. Jonas put on his strap-on six pack—too shy to show your own, Joe? We've seen the "Just In Love" video—before delivering his sleazeball lines with the same ease that the reality star has in stirring up house drama. "Look at this six-pack, c'mon!" Jonas says, selling the dream of D-list fame and the inevitable Celebrity Fit Club casting with every syllable. You can stop worrying about what Joe will be going as for Halloween now. The clip below will definitely "change your life real quick," or at the very least, your thoughts on the middle Jonas.