Johnny Depp Amber Heard Divorce—Nobody Saw That Coming, Right? (Not)

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Johnny Depp Amber Heard divorce news surely comes as a shock to absolutely nobody, right?

A Johnny Depp Amber Heard divorce is in the works.

TMZ was first to report the couple had split—and the news surely can’t be too much of a shock to anybody.

The timing however, is pretty damn shocking

Heard started divorce proceedings just three days after the death of Depp’s mom.

Guess she just couldn’t wait it out for another couple of weeks or so.

Depp's mom, Betty Sue Palmer, died Friday morning, age 81, following a long illness.

The 30-year-old actress filed papers Monday—citing the Hollywood standard of “irreconcilable differences”—pretty much the only option in California, which is a no fault state.

In the divorce filing, Heard lists their separation date as being May 22—that’s two days after Depp’s mom died.

Awwwww—what’s the matter Amber? Was Johnny being all depressed and no fun?

Because, by all accounts, the 52-year-old actor was extremely close to his mom—so yeah, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have been all that fun following her death.

But, that’s kind of a huge part of marriage—being there for each other through good times and bad.

Heard and Depp met back in 2009, on the set of The Rum Diary.

At the time, he was still in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his two children.

Depp and Paradis announced they were splitting back in June 2012, after 14 years together.

But, rumors of a romance between Depp and Heard had first starting surfacing pretty much immediately after filming ended on the Rum Diary—as they both gushed about each other to the press.

They weren't spotted out and about TOGETHER  together though until November 2012, during a “super flirty” night out in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, despite having married just over a year ago, in February 2015—Heard is demanding spousal support.

Because, oh shit son, there was no prenup.

Are you fucking kidding?!!!

There's no fool like an old fool Johnny boy.

Depp better have done something really, really terrible to have warranted this.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Paradis is out there sound in the knowledge that Karma really is a bitch.

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