Johnny Depp's Buddy Slams Amber Heard Abuse Claims In Brutal Takedown

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Jonathan Shaw slams Amber Heard abuse claims and MAULS the actress in a brutal Facebook takedown post

Johnny Depp's buddy, Jonathan Shaw slams Amber Heard abuse claims in a really brutal takedown of the actress.

Shaw thinks the 30-year-old's domestic violence story is about as realistic as season 2 of The Hills.

Shaw has taken a CSI worthy interest in the case, and seemingly pokes some serious holes in Heard's side of the story.

Jonathan claims he and Edward Scissorhands have been pals for decades and makes it pretty clear that he's not “Team Amber."

Shaw posted the takedown on his Facebook page:

As a close personal friend of Johnny Depp's for over 30 years, I've only seen him to be one of the kindest, gentlest, most sensitive and generous human beings I've ever had the great pleasure to know. The man is constitutionally incapable of raising a violent hand to a woman.
Everything I know about Amber Heard, however (and it's a lot), seems to support the many claims that she is a lying, two-faced, bottom-feeding fame whore, who lives by the old Hollywood code of "hurray for me and fuck you!"
It's disgustingly obvious to anyone with half a brain that the absurd contrived allegations about Johnny's behavior are nothing but a pathetic and desperate attempt to extort money from my dear little brother.

You know what Jonathan?

How about telling us how you really feel about Amber?

Last year, Johnny helped Jonathan republish his novel Narcisa: Our Lady of Ashes, which in his words, is about, "a fucked up woman ironically reminiscent of someone my dear little bother now finds himself embattled with."


Jonathan backed-up his claim that Johnny is dealing with a blood-sucking monster with an image of Heard that was leaked during the 2014 celebrity hacking scandal.

In the pic, Amber is holding a sign, said to be in her handwriting, that reads:

Good Afternoon My Beloved Tonto Man. This Blonde Texan Bitch Will Eat You Alive.
I Want. I Need.
Give Me What's Mine.

Johnny had played Tonto in The Lone Ranger the year before.

While Amber played a zombie in Zombieland which came out around 2009.

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