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JoJo Covers Amy Winehouse

A few months late on the Amy Winehouse tribute bandwagon, yet all the more reason for hers to stand out, JoJo delivered an acoustic, full-voiced albeit a more poppy rendition of "You Know I'm No Good" in Detroit on Sunday. Continuing her recent string of Hard Rock Cafe performances and unmistakable covers of her fellow artists, and backed solely by her guitarist Jin Joo Lee, the 21-year-old proved yet again that she's ready for more mature material and won't so much as flinch when she hits the bad words. Or that she's willing to throw them in just for the fun of it. With her new video for "Disaster" premiering on Tuesday and the long-awaited album Jumping Trains out next year, putting a new spin on popular songs by her peers isn't a terrible way to conjure publicity and anticipation. But we think we know who deserves the Hard Rock treatment next.


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