JoJo Lends A Female Perspective To Drake's "Marvin's Room"

If you're still having a hard time accepting the more graphic and mature descriptions of sweet little JoJo's relationships in recent tracks, we suggest you rethink your iTunes library. The 21-year-old continues her emergence as an adult artist, with sassy, alcohol-induced remarks to an ex via Drake's recently released Take Care track "Marvin's Room." Despite being a few years younger, JoJo ups the ante when it comes to digs at her former flame and his new girlfriend, thanks to head-turning lines like "And when you're in her I know I'm in your head." Well, OK then!

Hyped up on Adderall and Red Bull (which seems totally appropriate), JoJo takes the basic format of Drake's desperate phone call (a faintly heard man on the other line repeatedly asks "Are you drunk right now?") and lays down her own feminine spin. Results are pretty much the same, as she has less than complimentary things to say about that little Barbie doll: "Fuck that new girl that you like so bad / She's not crazy like me, I bet you like that." Revealing these opinions in such a cringeworthy way makes her a lot more vulnerable, which is a nice follow up to the cocky and confident angst heard in previous track "The Other Chick." (She's also embracing her crazy, which, hey, we can all relate to, right?) We're still not wild about the slow pacing from either artist, and unfortunately JoJo's track lacks the eventual rapping that slightly heightened Drizzy's track. But drunk or not, JoJo comes off as more in control, even though we wish she wouldn't encourage sexting ("I'm going to send a sexy picture / To remind you what you're giving up"). Then again, that's a pretty realistic threat when coming from an artist who only recently became old enough to legally drink. So if you're going to go through with it, JoJo, just remember: don't show your face.


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