There are plenty of reasons to dislike Glee star Matthew Morrison: his overuse of the ukulele, perpetual mop head, cheesy solo songs and his character's penchant for rapping and writing Important Words on the choir room whiteboard. We suppose the last two aren't solely his fault, but still. While we've chronicled things that bug us about Morrison, largely stemming from his character Will Schuester, we weren't aware that he was also disliked by some of his peers. Funny guy Jonah Hill, who's trading in Judd Apatow humor to be a serious actor in the upcoming Moneyball, shared his own scarring Morrison experience on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday. The story goes a little something like this: Hill was eavesdropping on man-bros Morrison and Chace Crawford at a "douchey Hollywood party," the kind he's forced to going to for work, only to hear the two crack up at the mention of the Superbad star's name. "I'm the punchline in this guy's joke? He doesn't know I'm at this party and then it's blah blah blah crack-up?" Hill exclaimed, clearly not over it. His retelling of the events more than delighted Fallon, who we can only hope is prepping an upcoming Diva Off for these two gents to settle the score.

We know Morrison might be bold enough to make love in the summer rain—or at least sing about it—but we didn't think he had the balls to shit-talk some of Hollywood's best and brightest. As for Hill, this budding feud isn't over. "I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one, Jimmy." What? A guy gets skinny and suddenly thinks he can take on the Glee machine? Well, yes, apparently.