Jonah Hill Vs Nik Richie—Actor Accuses King Of Sleaze of Trying To Ruin His Brother’s Life

Wowsa… it’s heating up to be a true Hollywood feud of epic proportions.

Jonah Hill is mega-pissed at professional douchebag Nik Richie—and Popdust has all the details.

A disgruntled ex-girlfriend of Hill’s brother, Jordan Feldstein, has decided to make her broken romance grievances public—posting a highly embarrassing and degrading take-down of her ex on the reprehensible Richie’s sleaze fest website,

And, shameful and embarrassing it is…. to the ’nth degree.

First off, there’s her gripe, “Nik, so I met Jordan Feldstein (aka Jonah Hill’s brother & Adam Levine/Robin Thicke’s manager) a couple years ago and he was what I thought a pretty cool guy.  He had a great career, he was funny, he liked to take me to nice dinners and totally made me feel like I was the One.

“This guy is probably a 3 on the hot scale and I’m so completely out of his league that all his friends talked sh*t about me because they thought I was only after one thing, money. That couldn’t be farther from the truth but as we all know, with money comes insecurities. We had a long run of ups and downs, and he ALWAYS accused me of talking to other dudes, hooking up with old boyfriends, etc.”

To cut a long story short (you can read the full diatribe warts and all right here….) the pissed off ex bitches and moans about Jordan’s alleged jealousy and insecurities before dropping the bombshell that HE was actually cheating on HER the whole time….

And then starts the REAL vitriol, “So finally I’ve seen the light and can’t believe I wasted 2 years on this FAT F*CK. I was loyal to him, took harassment, he would verbally abuse me, bully me to make himself better. It was really such an unhealthy relationship and I’m so happy I’m out of it. I know the truth that he’s a lying, disgusting, fat pig. STAY AWAY GIRLS. HE’LL TAKE YOU ON NICE DINNERS AND FANCY TRIPS and make you feel like you’re the one, BUT YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANYTHING REAL WITH HIM. I thought I was going to marry this man and he ended up being a COMPLETE JOKE and waste of time.”

Then it gets real nuclear...  Mean Girls style…..(with embarrassing naked photos to back up the venom)

“Let me tell you how SMALL his penis is. It actually is introverted when soft. Sometimes I’d look at it in the shower and think WOW. But hey I’m not a shallow person, I fell in love with him. I fell for his lies. He scored a hot chick and that’s all he cared about."

Do we all get by now how RAGING HOT this disgruntled ex girlfriend believes she is?!!!

But, anyway......

“Also before I even found out about all the wh*res he has been f*cking behind my back – I had my artwork in a place where he had a key, he ruined ALL of my sh*t – My artwork I’ve worked hard on for years, he slashed them all with a knife and dropped them off on the sidewalk like garbage. I’m still missing 3 paintings that were probably stolen.

“I’ve had some loser boyfriends but those controlling insecure men are the ones you gotta watch out for. He has gotten physical with me more than once too which is a whole story but he’s such a pussy it’s not even worth mentioning. He deserves to have his pansy cellulite ass kicked in. Douche.”

Sooo… wow… that sucks right?

End of story... and, seriously, there's no such thing as bad publicity... right?

Errrrr..... no, the drama does not stop there…

A source close to the situation tells Popdust Jordan’s famous brother is NOT happy and is trying everything in his Hollywood power to get the story taken down.

“Jonah is furious his brother is being thrown into the sleazy spotlight like this,” the Hill friend says. “His brother is NOT famous…he’s NOT a celebrity…nobody should care what he has been up to… it’s NOT news as far as he’s concerned.

“Jonah believes his brother is suffering because of his fame and his brother is an ‘innocent party’ … he should just be left alone… he’s a civilian.. pure and simple.

"This would not be 'newsworthy' were it not for the fact Jordan's brother is Jonah Hill.

“Jonah's personally written to Nik Richie basically begging him to take down this story… it’s obviously just a bitter one-sided account written by an unhinged ex-girlfriend..the only purpose is to humiliate Jordan and make him look bad.

“It’s pathetic and desperate... but Richie refuses to take it down, he’s all high and mighty on his laughable ‘freedom of speech’ platform…. Seriously dude, grow some balls and recognize an attention grabbing publicity whore when you see one—you of all people should be able to do that...

“You’re ruining an innocent guy’s life here…. get real and do the right thing for once.”

UPDATE: Word on the street is that Nik Richie has now been offered upward of $500,000 to remove the story from his site... so far he is standing firm.

Richie did not respond to request for comment.

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