Apparently that reunion show at New York's Radio City Music Hall was so much fun, the Jonas Brothers are getting the band back together for even more live shows. "I think after the show here in New York we felt like there was kinda, like, a big call from the fans out on the West Coast," Nick told Ryan Seacrest on Monday, following the official announcement that JB will play two shows, November 27 and 28, at The Pantages in Los Angeles. "[These individual shows are] just to spark some interest. We're in a place on the music side too where we're still in the process of finishing up the record. We want to be done with [the album] and then maybe next year—in fact, I kind of maybe know next year—there will be a full tour." More shows means additional opportunities to analyze the lyrics and body language associated with their new song, "Wedding Bells," believed to be about Nick's one that got away. We'll set a pair of tickets aside for the newly engaged couple, just in case.

The trio were lauded for their bravery during their trip to On Air, choosing to announce their upcoming gigs on Monday and thus "braving Hurricane Sandy" in the process. Yes, Kevin rose from his storm-proof family bunker in New Jersey to combat FOMO, and Nick withstood playful jibes about his OCD tendencies and continued questions about his songwriting inspiration. Although, if we had to pick one pop culture personality to cling to during a disaster, we'd probably choose Seacrest as well; the guy is simply invincible. You change the channel, and yet he's still always there.