It's hard, as a boy band, to grow and mature past your peach fuzz days. Instead of evolving, most just fall apart. And the boy bands who try to project an image of unimpeachable morality make it even more difficult on themselves. Such is the case with the devoutly Christian Jonas Brothers who, after some fits, starts, weed-smoking controversies and reality TV dabbling, are in the midst of a full-throttle comeback attempt. They're trying out a new sound and more "adult" subject matter.

Girls just be bumping and grinding.

Whenever you retool the product you're selling, you're bound to anger some fans. On their new single "Pom Poms" and in its subsequent video, the Jonas' have replaced sweet lyrics and longing with sexual innuendo and a cheerleading squad full of babes with aggressive thrusting moves.

Check out the pom poms on this crowd.

This is the first song the Bros have released in three years. To MTV, Nick said of its allusion of pom poms to butts (or boobs? no, it's butts, right?), "It's kind of self-explanatory. It's got a lot of different meanings. I've got my own personal meaning for it."


Some fans are offended by the way the video objectifies women. On an E! news post about the clip, one fan commented: "Love their voices. very talented....don't like the girls in video. Kind of gossssss [sic]." Another, "What's with the scankey [sic] girls? I guess this is them trying to be grown up? Disappointing. Horrible song." A third, "I LOVE the Jonas Brothers since 2005 but I didn't really like this vid. Too much girl in "underwear"! I'm an old fashioned Jonatic." The comments on Just Jared were similar. Amongst die-hard JoBros raves, one typed, "The song is catchy as hell…I'll have to agree that I wasn't digging the dancers…Also, they kind of threw me off with the choir -_- like don't put cheerleaders and gospel singers in the same mix, it's like disrespecting a nun."

At one point a young boy stands transfixed by a midriff.

The Jonatics seem less offended by the song's lyrics (the hook starts, "more to love when your hands are free/baby put your pom poms down for me") and more dismayed by the video's visuals. It's kind of quaint, honestly, in an age where ladies like Rihanna seem to be naked all the time that Jonas fans would get worked up about some hotpants and bra tops. But maybe they expected that just once, in this case, women's bare bodies wouldn't be used to show how cool and masculine men are.

All images via Vevo