If you're going to promise an upcoming reunion performance and make scheduling potential pregnancies around your impending tour a centerpiece of your reality show, you might as well show us some music. Brothers Joe and Nick Jonas shared the stage with John Stamos on Monday night, during the latter's set at The Bitter End in New York. Have mercy! Uncle Jesse just wrapped his Broadway run in Gore Vidal's The Best Man, but hasn't strayed far from his rock 'n roll roots since teaming up with his friends the Beach Boys, frequent visitors to any and all Tanner family functions, on Full House. And because the JoBros also understand family, Stamos couldn't resist inviting the audience members up for a surprise collaboration. Joe and Nick take vocals while Stamos is on percussion duty. Below are their renditions of "Superstition" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," made a little more sultry and interesting given what we've heard of them both—older women! Wilmer Valderrama!—since their hiatus.

Not pictured, of course, is Kevin, who's currently busy attending Fashion Week shows with his skinny arm-loving wife, Danielle. (Love your kitchen!)