Jesse St. James will be making a returning to Glee, according to an enthusiastic tweet from former costar and not-sot-secret BFF Lea Michele. "#Jesseisback! So happy to have my best friend in the world Jonathan Groff back on #glee this year! Makes me the happiest girl in the world!" Michele wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, followed by confirmation from the show's Executive Producer, Ryan Murphy. Groff, who already made a grand return last season to sing the little know song "Rolling In The Deep," last appeared as a UCLA dropout turned "show choir consultant" for New Directions, helping them not win Nationals, and losing Rachel—for good—in the process. So what grounds will he have to make yet another return? And when? What about Finn? So many questions. With his former show choir coach Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) heading McKinley's other show choir, Jesse could revisit the consulting thing, but TVLine reports he'll be taking the helm of perennial rival Vocal Adrenaline, made possible by the departure of his former mentor Ms. Corcoran. We're certain Gleeks are already formulating dream playlists for the moment when Jesse first sees Rachel—fingers crossed for some Spring Awakening—but hasn't his competitor-yet-love interest role been reaped of all its intrigue by now? We'd like to see him set his sights on one of McKinley's eligible ladies, like, say, Sue Sylvester? They're both their own biggest fans and they each share a passion for pyrotechnics.

Groff joins Chord Overstreet as the latest departed cast member scheduled to make a return. How's that "no guest stars" mantra working out for you this year, Mr. Murphy?