The death of Joni Sledge, 60, reminds us that music lives forever

5 hit songs you didn't realize were Sister Sledge samples

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On March 10, 2017, Joni Sledge from the legendary disco group, Sister Sledge, was found dead in her home. The GRAMMY nominated group of sisters, founded by Joni, charted both at home and abroad, making them international superstars, particularly in the UK. Formed in the City of Brotherly Love, the group's debut album We Are Family peaked at number three on the US Billboard charts and went multi-platinum. Though a friend found the 60 year old unresponsive at her home in Phoenix, Arizona, the heart and soul of Joni sledge will live on through her music. For me, Sister Sledge meant we were going to spend the day as a family, whether it was cleaning, reading, exercising, or hearing tales of my parents' youth pre-marriage. Whatever the occasion, we knew that when we woke up hearing "He's The Greatest Dancer"or "We Are Family", we would be in for a treat. Today, we continue to hear the group through DJ mixes and sampled hits. Below are 5 songs you didn't know were sister Sledge Samples.

5. Daft Punk, Aerodynamic

Daft Punk's 2001 hit samples Sister Sledge's 1982 hit Il Macquillage Lady

4. Will Smith "Getting Jiggy With It"

From 1979 to 1997, "He's The Greatest Dancer" was sampled for this Will Smith hit (yes, i said hit). That's Philly love.

3. Saint Pepsi, "Cherry Pepsi"

Before he was Skylar Spence, he was Saint Pepsi and his 2013 electronic pop jam "Cherry Pepsi" sampled Sister Sledge's hit from 30 years prior, "B.Y.O.B."

2. Skyzoo and 9th Wonder, "Stop Fooling Yourself"

"Give Into Love" was a 1974 favorite of the group, and producers. It also was a cove rof Ronnie Dyson's single the year before. In 2006, it was the backdrop for this Skyzoo and 9th Wonder song.

1. G-Unit, "Stunt 101"

In 1979 sister sledge was singing "Easier To Love". In 2008, Lloyd Banks and Yung Buck stepped on the track to offer a remix to "Stunting 101".

The Sledge family would like to thank you for privacy for her presence, but also for embracing Joni's radiance and the sincerity with which she loved life.