Joseph Gordon-Levitt Can Do No Wrong

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's many talents include, but are not limited to, acting, speaking French and smiling at award shows even when he doesn't win. But what we love more than any charming display of dramatic chops or social activism, is his enthusiastic approach to popular covers—sorry, mom—performed for both live audiences and faceless friends of the internet. Thursday night witnessed Levitt at a hitRecord event at the Sundance Film Festival, stealing the show with his version of The Beatles' "Hey Jude." From the scrunched up facial expressions suggesting all the work he's putting into those guitar chords, to the closed-eye smile that allows one to imagine it's you he's thinking of on the other side, there's more than enough material here for a week's worth of happy dreaming. Just put out an album already? And thanks to the projector we get two JGLs for the price of one! Watch below.


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