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Why this now-void loan contract between two brothers is going viral

"Would you be happier still owing your brother money?"

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A loan agreement two brothers made in 2012 is going viral on social media because of one bullet point in the void clause.

Twitter user @AnarchyNoww (alias Judd Markowitz, a 28-year-old prospective accountant) is making waves on social media after posting a picture of a contract agreement drawn between him and his brother in 2012. Markowitz borrowed $2,000 from his brother at the end of November 2012 with his brother Ryan. The agreement (signed by a witness named Bradley Goldberg) was as follows:

I, Judd Markowitz, am borrowing $2,000 from Ryan Markowitz on 11/28/2012. I will begin repayment to him on 12/28/2018 in monthly installments of $100. The loan will accumulate no interest. Loan repayments will be waived if the following circumstances occur before or after 12/28/2018:
-Judd Markowitz loses a limb
-Ryan Markowizt wins the lottery
-The New York Jets win the Super Bowl in 2013
-The world comes to an end
-Jesus, Biggie, or Tupac comes back to life
-Rick Santorum or Donald Trump becomes President in 2016
-Judd Markowitz is the father of septupletz
-Bradley Goldberg has a doctor show like Dr. Oz called Dr. Brad

As of this moment, the tweet has been shared over 600 times (with no end to the retweets in sight!).

As everyone knows, Donald Trump was elected to the United States presidency in 2016; this was one of the conditions to void the loan agreement, which means Judd is off the hook!

We reached out to Markowitz on Twitter with a couple questions:

Are you happier with Trump in office and not having to pay your brother back than you would be with someone else in office and owing him $2000?

I'd rather someone else in office for sure. I remember we had this contract and I was waiting for him to tell me to start repaying it. I totally forgot what the covenants were.

Regarding your twitter handle, what are your thoughts on anarchy?

I'm an anarchist, but I think it's foolish to think that the world is ready, or ever will be ready, for anarchy.There's a clear dichotomy between those who want to live to acquire knowledge and grow as a person and those who want to live to compete and established supremacy.

Is this your first time going viral? And how has the experience been for you so far?

This is not my first time going viral; Deray and Shaun King have retweeted me before and those got like a thousand retweets. I also was killing it on election night.

Anything else you'd like to say?

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for the people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

The contract will go viral over the weekend, but the question remains: does Judd Markowitz have to pay his brother? As other twitter users are pointing out, Trump technically was inaugurated in 2017, meaning he wasn't President in 2016.

But Markowitz isn't worried: his brother is a man of honor, and they agree that the intent behind the contract was present. Looks like Judd Markowitz got a free-of-repayment loan after all! It wasn't "a small loan of a million dollars," but free money is always nice.

Stay tuned to Popdust for more amazing viral news, and follow @AnarchyNoww on Twitter – he's one to watch.

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