While she's received tributes in the form of Saturday Night Live sketches and an Academy Award-nominated performance by Meryl Streep in Nora Ephron's 2009 film Julie & Julia, Julia Child's friends at PBS Digital Studios have chosen to commemorate the beloved French Chef in song—well, sort of. Haven't you always wondered what the culinary legend's iconic, billowing voice would sound like reading a list of farm-fresh ingredients with varying amounts of auto-tune sprinkled in? Of course you have.

In honor of what would be her 100th birthday this Wednesday, Child is making a splash on the music scene. Much like Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross before her, as well as fearless meme pioneer, Antoine Dodson, the famous Francophile and local television celebrity has been treated to a vocal makeover, courtesy of the most obnoxious pitch corrector cum just plain noise known to man. This is weird, but also sort of wonderful? We'll take any reason to listen to Child coo "boeuf bourguignon," regardless of pitch, and this auto-tune heavy video helps explain the little known fact that Ephron's first choice, T-Pain, eventually lost the role of Paul Child to Stanley Tucci.

Happy 100th, Julia! Much like butter, we can never have enough of you.

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