Julianne Hough Wants You To Know That She Dumped Ryan Seacrest—Not Vice Versa

Julianne Hough would like you to know that she dumped Ryan Seacrest—he didn’t dump her.

Despite their 14 year age difference the two dated for three years and seemed the “perfect couple” right up till announcing the end of their romance last year.

The 25-year-old is opening up about their split in a new interview with Redbook—and it appears to be that old gem of “it’s not you, it’s me..”

“There was nothing wrong or bad, but there was nothing right,” Hough, who is now happily dating Hockey player Brooks Laich, says of her past love.

“I had one foot out because I didn’t want to get hurt. And I didn’t say what was on my mind because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers.”

She goes on to say that the fact she was holding back eventually doomed her relationship with Seacrest.

“I needed to be perfect. Now I’m not holding anything back because I’d rather get my heart broken than never know what it is to be completely, madly in love,” she says.

“If I had been this open in my last relationship, who knows?”

So, what changed? Why is she now open to love?

“I had this epiphany when my family went to a six-day seminar [last November] about creating your own destiny,” she says. “I was not into it at first, but I learned so much about myself and why my relationships didn’t work that by the end I was on a high.”