Juniel Wants You to Focus on Her Music, Not IU's Super Junior Photo Scandal


When we posted Juniel's awesome new single, "Bad Man," we likened the 19-year-old (above left) to Taylor Swift, but back home in Korea she's usually compared the current reigning Princess of K-pop, IU (above right). She's even been hailed by the media as the "Good Day" singer's successor, so it was no surprise when Juniel was recently questioned about IU's controversial photo scandal. You know the one, right? In which IU accidentally tweeted a photo of herself cheek-to-cheek and in bed with Super Junior superstar, Eunhyuk? Thought so. Anyway, check out what Juniel had to say on the whole matter, below.

"The situation is actually very regrettable; however, it doesn't have anything to do with either of our music, so I don't give it much importance. I hope artists can just make music and be appreciated for it. Right now, all I think about is the music I want to write."

How diplomatic and to-the-point of her. But I'm sure that deep down Juniel's at least a little bit curious to know what happened between the two superstar idols. IU's label's flimsy excuse that Eunhyuk was simply paying the songstress a visit while she was sick didn't exactly compute due to what appeared to be Eunhyuk's lack of a shirt. Did he need to remove it to wipe down IU's sweaty forehead? We'll probably never know. At this point, our only hope of unlocking the great IU-Eunhyuk mystery is if SHINee put their detective hats back on and crack the case.

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