Junsu Makes a Colorful Comeback With "Incredible"

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JYJ's Junsu has had his eye on the global music market for a long time. Last year, he released an English-language pop ballad called "Uncommitted," and before that, JYJ teamed up with Kanye West and Darkchild for an English-language album called The Beginning. For his new single, "Incredible," Junsu's hooked back up with "Uncommitted" producer, Bruce Vanderveer, and somewhat hilariously roped in Diddy's son, Quincy, as a guest rapper.

Unlike last year's edgy, gender-bending pop hit, "TARANTALLEGRA," "Incredible" is just straightforward dance-pop designed to provide a good time and nothing more. It sounds like it's aimed more towards foreign music fans than Koreans, but given the recent success of formulaic-but-fun fare like Shinhwa's "This Love," it'll work for either audience.

The song might be pretty safe, but it's good to see that Junsu hasn't lost his flamboyant flair in the song's official music video. The concept is simple: Everyone's dancing at a summer house party while wearing the most colorful clothing possible. Junsu appears to be the only Asian in attendance, which again lets you know who "Incredible" is really aimed at, but who cares when he's having this much fun?