Just in Time for National Novel Writing Month, Britney Spear May Be Getting a Fiction Deal

Only a few days after dodging a legal bullet over claims her mother made in a memoir, Britney Spears may be entering the comparatively safer (at least from a litigation standpoint) world of fiction. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spears is in talks with It Books, a division of HarperCollins, to pen a novel based upon a loosely fictionalized version of her life.

Spears' roman à clef would follow in a literary tradition laid down by fiction greats like Sylvia Plath, Phillip K. Dick and Snooki, whose "A Shore Thing" lit up the bestseller lists last year. Like many of its forebears, Britney's novel will probably end up being less crazy than the real-life version, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to start brainstorming plotlines. Obviously our heroine is a young Southern girl by the name of Bridget Weir, who becomes a teen-pop superstar after a stint on The New Ricky Rat Club TV show. The pressure to stay innocent tears apart her relationship with boy-band member Jason Underwood, but at least she's got her loving mother Gwen to keep her level. Will she lament the crazy world of fame in a song she calls "Unlucky"?

Probably not, but no matter. We can't wait to read it! How do you think they'll handle the head-shaving phase of things? Blame it on manager Dan Mufti, or just ignore it entirely?


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