Something you might want to hide from the kids when they request the tunes from Cee Lo's holiday album this winter: The singer and Voice judge has been accused of sexual assault, and can reportedly be heard on tape apologizing to his accuser who also claims he drugged her in Los Angeles earlier this year. Yikes. Turn your chair around for details.

According to TMZ, the unnamed woman told police that she had dinner with the singer and reality television gnome at a Los Angeles restaurant in July. She claims to have had one drink during the meal, but remembers nothing until she woke up naked in a bed with Cee Lo. The incident was first reported to local law enforcement before making its way to the LAPD, who then encouraged the woman to make a pretext call to gain more information. According to sources, Cee Lo can be heard on tape acknowledging his possession of MDMA (ecstasy)—a substance that does not typically leave people unconscious—and apologizing to the woman, but does not explicitly state that he put any of the drug in her drink.

Sides of both parties are also currently disputing whether or not the alleged victim came to Green for money first: According to Cee Lo's representation, the woman sought help from the police only after hiring a civil lawyer and asking Green for an out of court settlement, while other sources claim her legal team reached out to Cee Lo to check if he had any "communicable diseases," without asking him for a dime. We've heard similar stories that ultimately find ways of disappearing over the last year, and will update you as more details become available.