"Thrift Shop" was one of the standouts of Macklemore's recent LP The Heist, a rare moment when Mack stopped rapping about all the things wrong with the world today and instead just enjoyed himself among racks on racks of vintage clothes. So it's a fun gimmick then, that when MTV needed a good interview concept around the holidays, they decided to go thrifting with the Seattle-based rapper to see what he could find.

Oh, and the finds are precious: An amazingly ugly Christmas sweater, a garish all-over print hoodie, and one very special leopard-print coat. Along the way, Mack gives us some classic thrifting advice: "It's very challenging to wash urine out of a fur jacket. I should know, I've tried."

Success seems not to have spoiled young Macklemore: He says he still goes to thrift shops five times a week. Watching the clip below, we believe him. He's a natural in there!

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