With "Boyfriend" having such a strong performance in its first week on the charts, we're surprised Justin Bieber still needs to beg media personalities to check out his newest single. Then again, the fourth hour of Today is a typically boozy affair, so it's understandable if hosts need reminding that they're about to experience the greatest song to reference a Pixar character since, well, ever. Bieber appeared on Today on Friday, not in person, but in a pre-recorded video message intended solely for Hoda Kotb—cue those death threat tweets now. "Hoda please put 'Boyfriend' on your playlist! You need to; it's great, man. If you haven't heard it, check it out it's called 'Boyfriend' and you should play it right now," Bieber pleaded. Known for an eclectic musical taste and enviable skills at chair dancing, Hoda was all thumbs up once the record dropped, nearly forgoing her loving beau, Jay, for one night by the fire with JB. Despite their concerns, the ladies and those at home can let out a collective sigh of relief knowing The Bieb is in fact now legal. Good news all around, because as Kathie Lee asks, "How can you say no to him?" Watch below.

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