With so many pop stars vigorously stumping for individual candidates during the homestretch of this year's campaigns, it's OK if you've come to think that musicians play some kind of role in deciding who our next elected officials will be. An electoral college comprised solely of the extended Carter-Knowles family? Now that's a political system we can get behind.

While these stars are influential when it comes to discovering new artistsstyle trends and lifestyle mantras, they, like you, are also entitled to their own opinions. You've heard what Jay-Z and Beyoncé have had to say in favor their friend Barack, read the message—written loud and clear—on Katy Perry's various latex ensembles and likely watched Meat Loaf's Mitt Romney freestyle at least six times. But if you tend to get all of your news and political platforms from Twitter accounts of the rich and famous, make sure you realize who isn't a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 before you start sending aggressive @ messages shaming them for their apathy.

1. Justin Bieber

Hailing from our neighbor to the north, the proud Canadian is 18 years old, but not a U.S. citizen.

2. Rihanna

Oh na na, she's from Barbados.

3. Drake

Aubrey's dad is American, yet T.O.'s native son has yet apply for dual citizenship.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen

She was a contestant on Canadian Idol. Need we say more?

5-9. Every member of The Wanted


10-14. Every member of One Direction

The FOSC (Friends of Simon Cowell) and former contestants on The X Factor UK are from England and Ireland.

15. Cher Lloyd

"Rimembah ol the things that you an' oi did fuhst?"

16. Bella Thorne

Born in 1997...

17-18. Chavril

Canada's problem, not ours.

19. Cody Simpson

That blonde hair doesn't come in any American dye bottles we've seen.

20. Jaden Smith

Will's son has four more years... until he can vote.

21. Willow Smith

Make that six for his daughter.

22. Psy

Nope, we still haven't pushed "Gangnam Style" to No. 1, and we haven't found a way for a South Korean native to vote in presidential elections.

23. Ed Sheeran

Barring any future interference from Taylor Swift, Ed still calls England home.


Even with these silly restrictions, that doesn't mean the aforementioned stars don't want to vote.



We'll try not to rub in those feelings of hope and possibility that permeate through the voting booth too much, Bieb. Talk to immigration; maybe you'll get a turn in 2016?