Continuing the gradual release of his holiday album, Justin Bieber reworks your mother's "Little Drummer Boy" with a verse from Busta Rhymes, creating what they've come to simply call "Drummer Boy." Because after hearing yesterday's "Christmas Eve," no one is "lil" anymore. By the time of Under the Mistletoe's official release on Tuesday, we'll likely have all of these holiday tracks committed to memory and ready to perform, just in case our annual family gatherings go south. And let's face it, they probably will. Bieber begins with the traditional carol before opening the door for Shawty Mane to take over the snare, make his own edits to the words of the disciples and encourage us all to give back this holiday season. Luckily his partner Busta Rhymes shares the same feelings of goodwill this time of year. "Matter fact, let's gather around the fireplace, it's about to get hot in here," Busta says, before launching into a lukewarm rap that explains how this unique collaboration is the result of some crucial Twitter correspondence. Thank you, 2011. It's not Busta's fiercest rhyme, largely because he spends more time describing his tendency to be left with sticky fingers after eating before sending warm wishes to any and all revelers. "Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah!" Oh, Busta. You were having such a good year, too.

All in all, it's a little too frantic for us. The holidays are already so chaotic, that we prefer the biggest commotions to revolve around interrogating cousins about who ate the leftover dark meat and whether or not Nana has had too much wine before 3 p.m. Still, The Bieb continues his attempts to produce a timeless holiday classic that will get played on repeat in suburban malls for years to come. And if that's the criteria, he's probably succeeded. Listen below.