Part of Justin Bieber's journey to adulthood are the continuous opportunities for new experiences, including attending live music shows where a majority of the audience is on some kind of mind-altering substance. Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez took date night on the road on Wednesday, and were spotted attending a Phish concert in Long Beach, Calif. Now before you roll your eyes, Bieber is the same age as the typical college freshman, which means in any other world he'd be experimenting with balancing beers cans and bongs on top of an unopened Intro to Philosophy book, while emailing Pattie at 3 a.m. asking for the funds to purchase a second mini-fridge for his suite. This totally makes sense.

Bieber's been known to surprise when it comes to what's on his personal playlist, citing dad Jeremy as the person responsible for introducing him to Metallica, and at 18, he's still open to new trying out new things. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber attended the show with Selena, as well as his guitarist and musical director, Dan Kanter. The group hung around the band's soundboard to start, as if to ease Young Bieber into this new and strange environment where people don't use hands-free microphones or execute perfectly crafted choreography in between pyrotechnical displays. The group also chatted with Phish members Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon and their children—an equal opportunity autograph session!—as well as the band's longtime lighting director, Chris Kuroda, who will design for Bieber's upcoming Believe tour this fall. Plan accordingly, parents.

Despite being new to the jam band scene, Bieber was spotted participating in the customary glow stick fights, doling out his share of enthusiastic hashtags, and hanging out with other people's babies backstage. Don't get too comfortable in your opening act position, Carly Rae. The Bieb may have found his new love–requisite tattoo to come.