Like plenty of other high school age boys, Justin Bieber probably loves to reference the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson quote-machine Wedding Crashers whenever he can. But while you may have just gotten your guy friends to stop saying "Ma, the meatloaf," or referring to one of the many numbered rules from the 2005 hit, The Bieb is only 17-years-old (and Canadian), so it's likely he's just gotten around to seeing the film, or was only recently allowed to watch it without parental supervision. This might explain his decision to bring the gospel of Chaz Reinhold to life over the weekend, when he and girlfriend Selena Gomez dropped in on a wedding reception in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday. According to TMZ, the karaoke-loving couple heard Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girl" from the beach, and decided to head inside to send their congratulations to the newlyweds. "We just crashed it. We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let's party," Bieber said on the microphone—of course he grabbed the mic—to what was likely a mix of excited and confused guests before posing for photos with the wedding party. (We all know Grandpa Joe is a huge Belieber.) Give Selena credit for putting up with the Bieb's desire to reenact some of his favorite (appropriate) scenarios from the film, and the mass hysteria his presence caused among female guests twice her age. But you know what they say: Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion.