That's how it is in young love—one day you're watching Titanic alone together in an empty Staples Center, the next day you're both phoning your PR person to put together a Dear John/Jane press release. Reports have it that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, great Top 40 power couple, have called it quits after two years, citing difficulties in schedule-coordinating, as well as "trust issues" that mayor may not have to do with the Bieb's recent dalliances with young model Barbara Palvin, who was photographed with Bieb atThe Lion King earlier this week.

In fact, Selena tweeted a photo of Bieb w/ Palvin in the background, in what could be interpreted as a passive-aggressive gesture:

The Beliebers, naturally, did not take this implication of extracurricular activity well, harassing and threatening the 19-year-old model (what is it with Justin and older women?) over Twitter. Palvin offered the following plea for peace:

Obviously a lot of details to shake out here, but with both E! and People reporting the split, it appears to be legit. We knew in our heart of hearts it probably wasn't meant to last forever, but pop music just won't be the same without them together. Miss you guys already.