Justin Bieber Bests Miley Cyrus and Prince at Music Doc Box Office

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never passed $70 million in ticket sales, dethroning Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds and its $65 million total atop the list of teenpop concert films. Should you ignore 25 years of inflation, it also means that he just surpassed Purple Rain. But imagine if Prince had been in 3-D...

In other box-office news, while R&B star Ne-Yo wasn't exactly the centerpiece of Battle: Los Angeles' marketing campaign, which focused on big spaceships, bigger explosions and Aaron Eckhart's jaw, he did have a supporting role in the alien-invasion movie (as a corporal with Buddy Holly horn-rims), and it's making piles of money. How much? An estimated $39 million during this opening weekend, some small consolation for the unjust flop of his recent album Libra Scale.

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