Justin Bieber graced Rockefeller Center for the scheduled performance that's been keep Beliebers up at night and away from a shower. After a conversation with Matt Lauer—and one very valuable Twitter endorsement—inside the studio, Bieber stormed the plaza with four songs: "Boyfriend," "Baby," "As Long As You Love Me" and "All Around The World." Basically, the three Believe tracks he's been pimping the most on his mini-tour, plus the song your mother will always identify as being from that cute kid with the bangs. With all this commotion around his musical maturation and songs about fake pregnancy scandals, does performing "Baby" ever feel like a chore?

Extra metaphorical morning donuts to all those who guessed Bieber would be bringing out his Believe collaborator Big Sean as his surprise guest. We were thinking Carly Rae Jepsen, and in a perfect world, The Wanted. Hey! When Scooter's kids are all in New York City, anything is possible. The duet was the most notable from his four-song set, and the first time these two have performed the dubstep, non-Basckstreet Boys cover together live. Even when welcomes a peer to write his or her own guest verse, Bieber still has a hard time stopping himself from rapping along. It's not his fault, Lil Homie just loves his hip-hop! But when someone who can stop traffic and leave crying fans lying in the street invites you to join his massive morning show concert, the least you can do is call him "legendary" on national television. Watch below.



"As Long As You Love Me," featuring Big Sean

"All Around The World"

And! Just because Lauer officially signs off from an outdoor party, doesn't mean Bieber is going to immediately exit the stage. While Al Roker was interviewing an elderly couple who maintain the "passion" in their marriage through wearing matching outfits (Summer Fridays, everybody!), Bieber treated those still piled together on the Plaza to an acoustic version of "Die in Your Arms." That'll teach people to walk away and head to work. And for those interested in the Twitter tips Young Bieb shared with an inexperienced techie like Lauer, as well as the many ways in which he avoided talking about Selena Gomez, here's Justin's full interview:

Now that that's over, the world just feels different, doesn't it?