In 2012, Justin Bieber is the absolute best celebrity to lend his or her name to the Proactiv brand. Famous, wealthy and with no lack of fabulous friends, he's what all of us who stay up late into the night watching infomercials slowly begin to believe we can become, with just a one-time payment of $19.95. Bieber's first ad for the skincare solution appeared in 2010, which seems like decades ago when considering his hairstyle evolution in 2011 alone. Back then, he celebrated the arrival of those precious hormones, but not the red splotches and ugly blemishes that resulted, posing a threat to his very profitable mug. A few years on the stuff has done some good, and now he wants to spread the word of Rodan and Fields to his loyal fans. Which is why he's stepping into the role of The Proactiv Fairy, making drive-bys to homes across the country to gift the acne treatment to adolescent girls who have praised its life-changing abilities—or just want to get him alone in their rooms. Not to worry, mom is always within clear view. "I'm excited because I'm able to help people out, [and help them] feel confident," Bieber explains. Watch the almost 18-year-old meet various fans and their families, and figure out ways to make a compelling case for why he should deliver the ShamWow to your door next week.