Justin Bieber Computer Thief Identified via Twitter, The Bieb Fires Back (UPDATED)

Update: The joke's on us (and Beliebers everywhere). Turns out the alleged scandal was just a ruse to hype up The Bieb's newest video. It was fun while it lasted!

The alleged thief claiming to be responsible for stealing the personal computer and camera of Justin Bieber early in the week has identified himself via Twitter. User @gexwy began sending threatening messages to Bieber's account on Wednesday, alluding to footage he managed to obtain from the devices. He's since previewed some videos of Bieber admiring his fans and pranking a member of his crew, which range from vintage clips to relatively recent, followed by repeated messages stating he will "show the world" what he believes to be potentially damaging contents on Friday October 12 at noon.

Bieber has responded directly to his antagonist, assuring him and his fans that there's nothing that could bring down his massive profile.




It's all happening at #noon. Stay tuned.

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